Sculptor and artist of 90 Nuts.
Did audio engineering.
Anxious yet calm at the same time.

"My body is made out of sugar. I hope I don't fall into a cup of tea."



He is the boss.
Night-time yodeller.
Passionate about food and eating.


90 Nuts is a small team consisting of an artist and a cat.
Together the duo tries to accomplish the dream of giving in the form of art work and dedication.
They are 90% nuts and 10% sane.

90Nuts is currently not taking custom orders but if you want to see something on here please leave a suggestion in the Suggestion Box on the Contact page.
All submissions will be considered and if we are able to craft the item we will gladly do it!

  It all started from polymer clay and now I am excited to work with more materials, with the ultimate goal of being a craftsman who can freely express vision and thought through crafting.

  I believe in humility in art. Coming from a humble background, I’ve always wished for beautiful things to be more worth paying for. Every art work on 90Nuts is handcrafted with sincerity and priced honestly.

“Let your works be the genuine picture of your heart.”

John Wesley