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How long will this go on?

Man, the entire of 2020 and 2021 has been pretty bad for online sellers. Shipping has been slow and unreliable it’s not even funny.

Thankfully things are starting to look up at least for me as the ridiculous 5 to 6 months shipping time is now improving to 2 to 3 months (still unacceptable). Hopefully things go back to how they were and mail gets delivered within 3 to 6 weeks again 🙁

What a tiring and trying time! I hope I can persevere and last long enough to push through this period. For now I guess I’ll just do what I can and work on my skills and catalog. I’ve been wanting to make more anime related stuff but the thought of not being able to put them up on my other platforms is holding me back.

I feel like I’m sitting back and watching the world burn for some reason.
One step at a time, one day at a time!
20201 is already more than half way through but LET’S GO!!!

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