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Website Completed!

  Hooray! The website has finally been completed and ready to launch! All that’s left now is to gather some pictures and add some more F.A.Q information and I am ready baby!

  Only 21 products have been put up right now as I realized I don’t like many of the pictures of my products and plan to redo them. Hopefully the photography session will go well but for now I will be working on some new products.

  I will be making something from the game Don’t Starve and also a small charm that will be relatable to our current times; something like a little joke. A cute and non-offensive one hopefully.

  2020 will change the course of the world’s future and although some good and bad, I hope everyone will be able to see the full picture and not focus on the dots that people want you to see.

  The full picture is that toilet paper is the key and solution to every problem in this world, and any respectable human being should have at least 50 rolls of toilet paper stocked up by now. That being said, I am running a little low at 49 so time to go get some more.


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