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Yoga for Children

Yoga for children, is possibly one of the most natural classes in which children are allowed to be their fun, flexible, curious, cheeky selves. Becoming a mother prompted me to continue my training in ‘Yoga for Children’.

Much has been mentioned about the lack of play and movement within our education systems these days and it is true, not just of children, that we all need movement and exercise within our day.

Teaching yoga to children allows them the option and ability to play, move and relax in a safe, fun way. In observing children at play, we often find that they have contorted and created yoga poses unwittingly, in their own natural comfortable states with their own bodies.

Being taught to do these poses, often poses that they have naturally attempted themselves encourages positive body awareness. Children, especially the younger ones, are often not yet taught that there are things that they cannot do, because of that, there is little judgement on what they can or cannot do.

Learning to hold postures and poses assists in improving concentration. Teachers often mention an increase in attentiveness and concentration after a yoga class.

The practise of yoga for children can often lead to an increase in confidence and positive self-esteem. Children enjoy being part of a non-competitive, healthy, encouraging group and these techniques teach stress-management through exploring breathing, movement and relaxation techniques. Yoga for children also helps increase strength, flexibility and stamina and helps improves balance physically and mentally.

I’ve taught Yoga for Children’s classes at local schools, Children’s Centres and sports teams. If you would like to discuss holding a yoga class for children, do contact me.