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from Homoeopathy Patients

I have had dry eyes for a number of years and find them very uncomfortable at times especially during hay-fever season and places where air con is used. I have been using dry eye drops for a long time some prescribed and some bought at the pharmacy. They work for a short while but my eyes can become very gritty and irritable to a point at times they can look very bloodshot especially the left eye. Knowing Geraldine from yoga I decided to give homeopathic remedies a try.

Geraldine arrived in a professional and friendly manner where I was put at ease during her assessment of my medical issues. I explained I’d been diagnosed with IBS 2 years previous and at times have acid in the stomach caused by certain foods or at times of stress. This acid from the stomach also caused me to have a cough which has been very bad at times. 

Geraldine explained in good detail what remedies she prescribed and how to use them. 

In my opinion they have helped especially with my stomach, I was surprised when on holiday eating different foods some spicy some rich I did not have any upset with my stomach or IBS symptoms therefore I didn’t have to take my prescription tablets i take with me incase of any upset.

My eyes although still feel slightly dry they do look clearer where my husband agreed to this which is a good result for me. I still use the prescription eye drops but at the moment only once a day in the morning.

During this years hay fever season so far  I have only had a few days where my eyes were badly affected and also noticed my hay fever symptoms have been less. 

My stomach is still doing great I’ve not had any upset since taking the remedies and the cough seems to have almost disappeared.